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The Journey towards Kickstarter

Our new project involves some video! Here we are setting up an interview scene for an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Can’t wait to share more soon!…

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New Project on the Way

We’re working on another product design project, and it has something to do with being outside! Here we are scouting some shot locations for a related sun-filled video, just 10 minutes from the city!…

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Live from the Oakland ship yard…New packaging arrives! Channeling the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark…

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The Cult of Positive Failure

Anybody who creates a successful business on the first try got lucky. The path to success is always marred by missteps, mistakes, and failures; and the savvy entrepreneur will hit these pitfalls, learn from them, and keep pushing on.

There’s a reason why the majority of innovation occurs in geographically discreet communities like the Bay Area, New York or Boston. What separates these and other innovation hotspots from the…

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1% for the Planet

As our new packaging proudly states, we’ve become members of 1% for the Planet, a global community of companies that donates 1% of its annual revenue to environmental organizations around the world.  Our #1 and #2 pastimes are surfing and skiing, depending on which one of us you ask and what time of year it is, so we decided to direct our annual contribution to Oceana, an aid organization that…

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New Packaging in the Pipe!

We’ve been hard at work trying to come up with some new graphics to put on our boxes. We’ve come a long way from the giant stencil throw in big black block letters on a plain white box so many years ago. We wanted to give everybody a sneak peak at what will be appearing on shelves in a store near you soon!


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The cure for the common Salsa

We here at Salsabol HQ love salsa, and tried lots and lots of it. Everytime we are in the grocery store, we always feel obliged to try any new salsa we find. (Maybe we should be judges for salsa cookoffs?).

Though we try a lot of salsa, sometimes the range of flavors we find can get a bit boring. We love unique flavors, which is why we are such…

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Have a Salsabol Superbowl!

Thrillist thinks that the Salsabol will make the perfect party companion for the Superbowl! (Or should we say Super’bol?)  As the premier chip-and-salsa eating event of the year, nothing is more indispensable than a Salsabol.  And when everybody else shows up to the party with something boring like beer, you’ll have the gift that trumps them all!  Check out our coverage on Thrillist here!…

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A Salute to our Troops!

We here at Salsabol HQ just wanted to take a minute to thank our veterans and active-duty troops at home and abroad. Happy Veterans Day!

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Tom Gha ‘bol

Who says you can’t use the Salsabol for more than just salsa? A lot of people have let us know that the Salsabol is great for soup! Aside from the stylish design and presentation, the raised lip of the Salsabol makes the perfect handle to grab on to and transport a hot bowl of soup (as opposed to burning your hands by trying to hold the bottom).


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