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Tom Gha ‘bol

Who says you can’t use the Salsabol for more than just salsa? A lot of people have let us know that the Salsabol is great for soup! Aside from the stylish design and presentation, the raised lip of the Salsabol makes the perfect handle to grab on to and transport a hot bowl of soup (as opposed to burning your hands by trying to hold the bottom).


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Carepackage to Afghanistan

I was supposed to send my friend Ted in Austin a Salsabol; but as those things sometimes go, I completely spaced out the task and ended up sending it six months later than I planned.  Everything was fine, except four months ago Ted was deployed to Afghanistan to fly helicopters.

Luckily for us, the USPS subsidizes packages sent to military addresses overseas, so it was really simple to get…

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