Monthly Archives: August 2011

Salsabol Visits the Apple


Greetings from Salsabol HQ! It’s been too long since we’ve posted, so we’re back! The latest news:

This week, I went to New York on actual Salsabol business, meaning I got to ride an airplane for the Salsabol! I was, however, quite confused when the stewardess would not let me sit in the Business section of the cabin. I clearly explained to her that I…

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Going back to the Matador Red standard

We’re really excited to report some fantastic success in the last few months!  We’ve been growing our business as more and more people want to experience the magic that is the Salsabol.  Unfortunately, one little snag we’ve had to overcome is getting loans in order to buy more inventory.   Turns out that the recession is real, and one effect of it is that banks will not provide small business…

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