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A well deserved rest

After packing a total of…two press-kit boxes, Tom decided that he had earned himself a siesta on the carpet.  This wouldn't be an issue except he decided to use the stack of flat boxes as a pillow.  We've still got a long night ahead of us, but I think I'll let him sleep a little while longer.

And yes, that is a copy of the 1997 bestselling publication…

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Salsabols like pope hats

Our Salsabols came in from the warehouse today, and I went ahead and got a dozen crates so we could begin sending out samples.  Unfortunately, “a dozen” cases on paper seems a lot smaller than “a dozen” actually is in real life.  There are Salsabols literally strewn about everywhere in my apartment.  I can’t get from the couch to the bathroom without completing a Nickelodeon Guts style obstacle course.



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Hey everyone!

After what feels like several lifetimes of waiting, Salsabol HQ is finally back in action. We’ve actually been quite busy since Christmas making vast improvements on the Salsabols, but its been hard to feel like we’ve done anything at all because we’ve had no bowls to show for it.

Now we have new colors, great boxes, a new factory, and lots of exciting…

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