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Lights! Colors! Packaging!

Yesterday Christmas came early…again.  We got our packaging hot off the printers, and we have to say–it's a big step up from the cardboard with "MADE IN CHINA" stamped in 300-point typeface on both sides.  Combined with the new colors that arrived last week, our new lineup is looking fantastic.  Can we..maybe..almost call ourselves a real business yet?…

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Totally out of Salsabols!

With our final shipment to our primary retailer, Uncommon Goods, we have officially sold out of our first order of Salsabols!  Fear not, if you still want one you can grab it from their website, but act fast because apparently they are selling like hotcakes.

We have some fantastic new things coming down the pipe, so stay tuned and we'll be unveiling photos of our new colors which are…

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Kathie Lee Gifford wants a thousand salsabols

In typical Salsabol-business fashion, things always happen while we
are asleep. In this case, I was roused by Tom bursting through the
door shouting “Michael get up and LOOK ON THE TELEVISION.” Without
even bothering to don clothing, I rushed out to see Kathie Lee and
Hoda give cries of exclamation to the scooping prowess of the Salsabol
on this morning’s Today Show…

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