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Check it out, Nesting Salsabols!

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Salsabol Survey Contest VICTORY

Congratulations to Caroline, the winner of our Salsabol Survey Contest Epic Grand Prize Sweepstakes. She, like many of you, were kind enough to spend some time answering our survey questions. A big thanks to everyone for their support! She has some great products of her own, which you can check out here. We suggest you do indeed check them out, especially if you have some little dudes or dudettes running about…

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I Spy a Salsabol

A Salsabol was seen watching a soccer game!…

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Salsa Goes Golden (State)

I’d like to apologize to everybody for the slow-movement on the blog the last couple of weeks.  Tom and I have been in a frantic mess getting ready for our official move to California.  Yes, it’s true!  The Salsabol is moving coasts.  One of the loose-ends we had to tie up was what do with with our remaining 3/4th ton of inventory, which is now safely in a fulfillment warehouse in…

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