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If you happen to be in the Philadelphia area…

Be sure to swing by Piazza Schmidt and check out our booth!

1:17pm- I’ve spilled salsa on myself already.

1:38pm-part of the schtik is I have to eat the salsa. I’m going to never want to eat salsa again after this…

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Our favorite salsa

Over the past month we have taste-tested over 20 brands of salsa from all across the country, from small town Santa Barbara factories to the mega-conglomerate house brands of K-Mart and Target.  Today we have come to our final conclusion: yes, there can be a champion.

Some salsas tasted delicious, but were too watery to scoop or so thick it felt like you had to chew.  Some were the perfect…

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We have fantastic fans

No really, we do.  Sarah at Fritos and Foie Gras even wrote us a song.  AND filmed it! We couldn't have asked for anything better.

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First ever documentation of guacamole in the Salsabol

Can we call it a Guacabole?…

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why we do what we do

This striking image of a devastating salsa spill at a get-together in Seattle was sent to Salsabol HQ at the close of yet another summer weekend punctuated by salsa suffering. It is a harsh reminder of what we're up against, what we stand for, and why we do what we do.

Rest in peace, lost salsa. We promise to make sure you didn't spill in vain.…

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Help find us on the radio!

 Today we were on the radio!

We think.

I woke up today to see a surge in traffic from 94.5 PST, a radio station based out of Princeton, NJ.  They were calling the salsabol the “The Greatest Salsa Bowl Ever!” (woohoo!).  But we have no idea how we were brought up or what the context was.

If anybody’s having a slow day at work, they’re more than invited to listen to…

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Spotlight on: Fellow entrepreneurs

As recent graduates, we’re well aware of how hard this economy is hitting people just out of school.  That’s why we were so excited to discover that some fellow classmates had struck out on their own with a new business in the same way we did.

Introducing:  If we eat, breathe and bathe in salsa; they do the same with chocolate.  If there’s one thing that could compare to…

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Salsa All-Star Lineup, Call for bloggers

We’re taste-testing salsa right now, trying to find which scores best
on the three metrics of taste, scoopability and aesthetics. Tom is
feigning the aficionado, saying, “Oooh, I like the hint of …”
(raising jar to read ingredients) “…cilantro.”

We’re trying to find the perfect salsa to pair in our Salsabol
FiestaKit which we are sending out to bloggers and other PR outlets…

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A Moveable Feast

(or, scoop porn)

We wanted to make sure we had good stock photos for the bloggers who
are writing about us, but it turned into something so much more.
Never before has a chip been scooped so sensually as tonight.…

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Behind the scenes at Salsabol HQ

Tom’s basement is a bit like the Keebler Elf factory nowadays.  The whole house has been taken over by Salsabols—there’s salsabols wedged into every nook and cranny of the house, and we’ve discovered that they make pretty decent breakfast bowls in a pinch.

It’s also fortunate that we’ve made some efficiency improvements in terms of packaging materials: we’ve managed to come by a person-sized bag of recyclable…

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