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Christmas comes in May sometimes

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Salsabols Confidently Approach Day of Reckoning

New York City, May 14 2010, 17:35.

3000 Salsabols floated into New York harbor on late Friday afternoon with clear intentions of saving salsa. Witnesses report that the sighting of the Salsabols' arrival calmed the growing hysteria surrounding a number of particularly catastrophic salsa spills that have ravaged the West Village and Williamsburg neighborhoods of New York City proper over the past fortnight. Salsabol headquarters ensures that the…

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DEFCON 5: Salsabols on East Coast

According to a report from an anonymous source, the Adriatic Bridge, the vessel rumoured to be carrying the notorious cargo of 3000 Salsabols, was spotted in Norfolk, VA. This is generally good news for Salsabol Headquarters, except for one minor detail:

It marks the beginning of the time when we start to PANIC.

For any persons looking for either Michael or Tom, they can be found passed…

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History of the Salsabol: The Childhood Years Part III

See the full gallery on Posterous

When we last left off, I was in Zurich doing a ‘cool-sounding’ architecture scholarship (that turned out to be really cool) with a bunch of hyper-efficient Swiss-Germans and Michael was in Boston working at an internet startup doing the cubicle thing.

Now, let us continue on our quest to discover the all the gossip and deets from the childhood history of the elusive Salsabol.

Three weeks…

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Breaking news, salsa spill is spreading.

This just in from Tom, in addition to the horrible oil spil ravaging the Gulf Coast, there has been a second, equally damaging salsa spill ravaging a New York City restaurant!…

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For Tijuana Vacation-goers, Salsabols Just Out of Reach

Tijuana, Mexico. 19:22 05.03.2010.

Breaking news from infamous Tijuana, Mexico, where in an unprecedented and unexpected turn of events, visiting beachgoers and Mexicans alike flocked to the coast to see with their very own eyes the breathtaking sight of the Adriatic Bridge, which is rumored to be carrying a load of 3000 Salsabols to New York City.

Up until this evening, news from the vessel had been scarce at…

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Next stop: Bermuda Triangle

It’s been almost 3 weeks since we last heard from our ship, the Adriatic Bridge, and its precious cargo of ‘bols.  We’re also hoping the bowls made it on the ship–for all we know, there’s a bunch of wooden pallets sitting on a rainy dock somewhere in the Guangdong province.  Last we checked the boat wasn’t supposed to go through the Bermuda triangle, but knowing our luck that could be…

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